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View Processes Carabica

Organism: Coffea Arabica
Leader: Claudia Florez

Procceses Second Assembly from BGI

Nro Sequencing Center Genome Trancriptome Files Files Description Process Description Server Start Date End Date Results
Ca03 BGI Transcriptome Coffea_arabica_l1_1_All.fq Coffea_arabica_l1_2_All.fq ReadsCenicafeCArabica.clean.fasta Clean reads BGI – Clean reads Carabica Cenicafe Assembly hybrid with CLC Ticuna 08-11-2011 09-11-2011 Process Ca03
Ca02 BGI Transcriptome Coffea_arabica-Unigene.fa,Nr Unigenes assembled by BGI – Nr blastx Pijao 28-10-2011 09-11-2011 Process Ca02
Ca01 BGI Transcriptome Coffea_arabica-Unigene.fa, Coffea_Arabica_49.fasta Unigenes assembled by BGI – Cenicafe Contigs C. Arabica Megablast Coffea_arabica-Unigene.fa with ESTs Cenicafe Wayu 28-10-2011 03-11-2011 Process Ca01

Procceses First Assembly from BGI

Nro Sequencing Center Genome Trancriptome Files Files Description Process Description Server Start Date End Date Results
008 BGI Transcriptome Coffea_arabica.mRNA.PUT.fasta, ESTsCenicafeCArabica.clean.fasta ESTs plantGDB, ESTs Cenicafe C. Arabica Comparing ESTs of PlantGDB Vs ESTs Cenicafe C. Arabica MAc Pro 12-09-2011 12-09-2011 Process 008
007 BGI Transcriptome BGIUnigenes_ESTsCenicafe_CArabica.fasta.cap.contigs, BGIUnigenes_ESTsCenicafe_CArabica.fasta.cap.singlets assembly BGI Unigenes with ESTs Cenicafe Blast Hybrid Assembly Vs Nr Tunebo 07-09-2011 16-09-2011 Process 007
006 BGI Transcriptome Coffea_arabica-Unigene.oneline.fasta, ESTsCenicafeCArabica.clean.fasta, BGIUnigenes_ESTsCenicafe_CArabica.fasta BGI-Unigenes, ESTs Cenicafe Hybrid Assembly Ticuna 06-09-2011 06-09-2011 Process 006
005 BGI Transcriptome Coffea_arabica.mRNA.PUT.fasta Contigs form PlantGDB Blast Vs Nr Tunebo 23-08-2011 06-09-2011 Process 005
004 BGI Transcriptome cleanSeqs.fasta.clean, cleanSeqs.qual.clean Reads C. Arabica without Contaminants ReAssembling clean ESTs Coffea Arabica Wayu 02-09-2011 05-09-2011 Process 004
003 BGI Transcriptome cleanSeqs.fasta All ESTs Arabica – Cenicafe Clean contaminants ESTs Coffea Arabica Wayu 02-09-2011 02-09-2011 Process 003
002 BGI Transcriptome Coffea_arabica-UnigeneNotInCoffeaArabica49.fasta(35486), Nr Sequences from BGI not in Coffea Arabica Release 49 blast Coffea_arabica-UnigeneNotInCoffeaArabica49.fasta Vs Nr Ticuna 23-08-2011 27-08-2011 Process 002
001 BGI Transcriptome Coffea_arabica-Unigene.oneline.fasta.500, Nr Sequences greater than 500bp blast CoffeaArabica-Unigenes(bp>500) Vs Nr Ticuna 23-08-2011 27-08-2011 Process1