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Coffee Berry Borer (CBB), Hypothenemus hampei, is the most important pest of coffee worldwide and has an unusual life history that ensures a high degree of inbreeding. Females produce predominantly female brood within coffee berries (aproximately 1:10 flightless males to females) and ensure an entirely full sib-mated progeny, which undergo chronic inbreeding.

Our group has sequenced the genome of Hypothenemus hampei (2n=14) to 9.2X average depth using females and males as sources. The assembly of 454-FLX sequencing resulted in 194.4 Mb of scaffolded sequences supported by paired-end libraries (8K and 20K). This assembly also includes 170.7 Mb for contigs.

We have also generated 454 transcriptome and Sanger sequences from several libraries. Currently, we have identified around of 28,000 unigenes, and preliminary gene model prediction has been consistent.

RNA-Seq Illumina sequencing is on the go, and complementary sequence-based physical mapping from a BAC library is being considered.

This research is also carried out through comparative analysis with a phylogenetic related species, Hypothenemus obscurus, which has a different life history and several plant hosts. Genomics on the most important biological control agent of this insect pest, the entomopathogenic fungi Beauveria bassiana, is currently being addressed.

This project began in 2006, sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Colombia and the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FederaciĆ³n Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia).


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