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View Hypothenemus Hampei

Organism: Hypothenemus Hampei
Leader: Pablo Benavides

Nro Sequencing Center Genome Trancriptome Files Files Description Process Description Server Start Date End Date Results
Hh_12 BGI Transcriptome /data/process/Broca/RawDataBroca/TranscriptomaFalsaBroca/
G4GNOKD01.RL6_clean.fasta, G4GNOKD02.RL6_clean.fasta
Hypothenemus obscurus Assembly. CLC Worbench Clean reads extraction Tunebo 24-10-2011 24-10-2011 Process Hh 12
Hh_11 BGI Transcriptome-RNAseq /data/process/Broca/BrocaRNAseq/Broca-SS.fq, /data/process/Broca/BrocaRNAseq/Broca-RR.fq Broca Transcriptome Hybrid Assembly. CLC Worbench Clean reads extraction Tunebo 28-09-2011 Process Hh 11
Hh_10 CNSG Genome-Transcriptome /data/process/Broca/Jonathan/PipeLineAnalisisGenesInteresBroca/candidatos.fasta, /data/process/Broca/Transcriptoma/TRANSCRIPTOMABROCA.fasta, /data/process/Broca/BrocaRNASeq/Broca-SS.fq.fasta, /opt/snap/HMM/A.mellifera.hmm Genes Candidatos, Broca Transcriptome assembly, Broca transcriptome reads Tune Gene Prediction with Maker Ticuna 21-09-2011 22-09-2011 Process Hh 10
Hh_09 CNSG Genome /data/process/Broca/Genoma/Ensamblajes/Ensamble4SffMacho/AssemblyMacho/assembly/TotalMacho.fasta, Total Reads Hembra – Total Reads Macho Blast Hembra-Macho Tunebo 20-09-2011 23-09-2011 Process Hh 09
Hh_08 CNSG Genome Ensamble20K/GENOMABROCA.fasta Complete Broca Genoma Augustus Prediction And Blast2Go Ticuna 19-09-2011 23-09-2011 Process Hh 08
Hh_07 CNSG Transcriptome /data/process/Broca/RawDataBroca/TranscriptomaFalsaBroca/G4GNOKD01.RL6_clean.sff, /data/process/Broca/RawDataBroca/TranscriptomaFalsaBroca/G4GNOKD02.RL6_clean.sff Trancriptme Hypotenemus Obscurus Singleton Extracting from Assembly Newbler Ticuna 14-09-2011 Process Hh 07
Hh_06 CNSG Genome 454Reads_Brocamacho3_.RL1.sff G0JGIQD01.RL1.sff GY3XZ9M01.RL1.sff GYO778V02.RL1.sff Genoma Coffee Berry Borer Male Singleton Extracting from Assembly Newbler Ticuna 13-09-2011 Process Hh 06
Hh_05 CNSG Genome Ensamble20K/GENOMABROCA.fasta,Hha_global_EST.fasta Complete Broca Genoma Annotation with maker Ticuna 07-09-2011 19-09-2011 Process Hh 05
Hh_04 CNSG Genome Hha_global_EST.fasta,candidatos.txt candidatesGenes , ESTs Hh Candidate Genes Analysis-Maker Ticuna 06-09-2011 07-09-2011 Process Hh 04
Hh_02 CNSG Genome GENOMABROCA.fasta BROCA_Repbase.fasta —- Running REPEAT MASKER Tunebo 06-09-2011 07-09-2011 Process Hh 02
Hh_01 CNSG Genome /data/process/Broca/PipeLineGenBrocaEnsamble20kCNSG/GENOMABROCA_RMOD.fasta Complete Assembly of 454 of data H. Hampei Running REPEAT MODELLER Ticuna 31-08-2011 06-09-2011 Process Hh 01