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Chado Definition

Chado is a relational database schema. It is capable of representing many of the general classes of data frequently encountered in modern biology such as sequence, sequence comparisons,
phenotypes, genotypes, ontologies, publications, and phylogeny.
It has been designed to handle complex representations of biological knowledge and should be considered one
of the most sophisticated relational schemas currently available in molecular biology. The price of this capability is
that the new user must spend some time becoming familiar with its fundamentals.

Why Chado?

Integration: Supports many types of data, integrates with many tools Modular: Use only what you need, ignore the rest Extensible: Write your own modules and properties

Widely used FlyBase – Chado started here, large diverse dataset and organization Xenbase – Smaller, but with several IT staff ParameciumDB – Smaller still, complete GMOD shop, including Chado IGS – Large-scale annotation/comparative data in Chado, more than a dozen active developers

Chado and Project Results


The script maker2chado is a tool to migrate the result of maker to the chado’s schema and the data stored in this database can be displayed througth gbrowse tool.