Opening of the National Center for Genome Sequencing

With collaboration from the Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation-Colciencias, the University of Antioquia and its headquarters in Research and Productos Roche SA,  the National Genome Sequencing Center was oficially open on Friday September 17 at the headquarters of Research University – SIU from the University of Antioquia.

The center’s purpose is to provide cutting-edge tools to discover, protect and value our biodiversity and entered into the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation, a robust physical infrastructure that allows to develop projects to discover the genetic information of Colombian biological resources; the Center’s infrastructure will also be available to meet the demand for genome sequencing required by the various sectors of national and international level.

The conference was attended by Dr. Jaime Restrepo Cuartas, Director of the Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation Colciencias, Doctor Alberto Uribe Correa, President of Antioquia University, Dr. Rodrigo Gomez Burbano, General Manager of Productos Roche SA, and scientists from major research centers and universities in the country.

The first organism to be sequenced and analyzed in the Centre is a Cyanobacteria isolated from a hot spring near the Nevado del Ruiz, with the Titanium Roche 454 technology that is already installed. It is expected that the annotation of this bacterium will be achieved with the assistance of research groups in the country who wish to participate and have some experience in bioinformatics.

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