ASIC Conference 2010, Bali, Indonesia

About 300 scientists and representatives of the world coffee industry met in Bali, Indonesia from 3 to October 8 for the 23rd International Conference on Coffee Science – ASIC that takes place every 2 years.

The central theme of the conference was climate change and its effect on coffee production in the commodity producing countries, especially development of pests and diseases. Talks were presented showing the change in the dynamics of coffee diseases in the last 5 years including nematodes in Brazil, the rust in India and Colombia, and stalk diseases in Africa. Presentations also included recent developments in the traceability of coffee samples with spectrophotometry techniques, NIRS and molecular markers and advances in coffee genomics projects in Brazil, Portugal, France and Colombia.

The development of the coffee industry in Indonesia was presented in detail during the Conference, a country that has had a significant increase in production over the past 10 years, which went from producing 7 million bags in 2000 to produce some more than 10 million bags in 2009. Coffee production in Indonesia involves about 1 million farmers and production is mainly Robusta coffee. As a curiosity, Indonesia produce the so called Luwak coffee, one of the most expensive in the world market; the peculiarity of this coffee is that the grains are consumed by a species of marsupial and after digestion are collected and processed. In Indonesia 100g of this coffee is sold at U$60.

The next ASIC Conference will be held in Costa Rica in 2012.

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